Šarkić Edin - Edo

Production / Location manager

Edin Šarkić - Edo was born in 1963. Being the son of one of the grateast make-up artist in Yugoslavia during Tito's era, Edo grew up on film sets.

Unlike his father he decied to work in production. His first feature project was Palme d'Or winner "When father was away on bussines" by Emir Kusturica. Since then he worked on more tha 100 different project together with some of the greatest world directors and actors and become the most experienced location manager in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  
WHEN FATHER WAS AWAY FOR BUSINESS by Emir Kusturica 1985. feature
ADA by Milan Kosovac 1985. feature
GOING FOR THE GOLD:  BILLY JOHNSON STORY (USA) by Don Taylor 1985. feature
GOLD APPLE by Nikola Stojanović 1986. feature
THE LAST SWITCHMAN by Vesna Ljubić 1986. feature
MINUS PLUS ONE by Benjamin Filipović 1986. short feat.
MAGPIE STRATEGY by Zlatko Lavinić 1987. feature
THE LIFE OF LABORERS by Miroslav Mandić 1987. feature
AZRA by Mirza Idrizović 1988. feature
ILLEGITIMATE JOURNEY by Ratko Orozović 1988. feature
PIGEON (Yug-German co-production) by Miki Stamenković 1988. feature
SUEDE ARRANGEMENT (Yug-Chec) by Zoran Gospić 1989. feature
KUDUZ by Ademir Kenović 1989. feature
HOLLIDAY IN SARAJEVO by Benjamin Filipović     1990. feature
SEX-PARTY ENEMY No. 1 by Dušan Sabo                     1990. feature
DEAF GUNPOWDER / preparations by Bata Čengić                     1990. feature       
IDEA by Ines Tanović 1990. short feat.
ILLUSIONISTS by Vesna Ljubić 1991. short feat.   
HALDA by Vuk Janić       1991. short feat.
HONEYMOONS by Ratko Orozović 1991. feature       
BELEPOQUE / preparations by Nikola Stojanović 1991. feature
DONKEY YEARS by Nenad Dizdarević 1991. feature        
Production manager in “SAGA” production company     1992-1994.
Production manager in “BOSNA FILM” production comp.   1995
PERFECT CIRCLE by Ademir Kenović 1996. feature
WELCOME TO SARAJEVO (G. Britain) by Michael Winterbottom 1996. feature
TERRITORIO COMANCHA (Spain) by Herreri Gerardo 1996. feature
CAN YOU FORGET SARAJEVO (France) by Arno Salinak 1996. feature
SHOT TROUGH THE HEART (G. Britain) by David Attwood 1997. feature
AGE OF AQUARIUS (USA-preparations) by Phile Alden Robinson 1997. feature
TRIP TO MOON by Srđan Vuletić 1998. short feat.
THE END OF UNPLEASANT TIME    by Pjer Žalica 1998. short feat.
TRAVELS by Pjer Žalica 1998. TV serial
“M” by Branko Vekić 1999. short feat.
THE STORM (Italy) by Gianvittorio Baldi 1999. feature
MY FIRST DEATH EXPERIENCE by Aida Begić 1999. short feat.
STORIES FROM SARAJEVO (USA) by James Bond 1999. short feat.
WHERE DO ESKIMS LIVE – (Pol-Ger) by Tomasza Wiszniewski 2000. feature
STRANGE DEAL by Danijela Gogić 2000. short feat.
HIS HIGHNESS THE WHEEL by Lejla Panjeta 2001. documentary
REMAKE by Dino Mustafić 2001. feature
BEHIND THE BORDER (Italian-Swiss) by Rolando Colla 2001. feature
SOLDIERS OF PEACE (Italy-preparations) by Claudio Bonivento 2001. feature
WAR STORY (Italy) by Mario Amura 2002. short feat.
ROMEO AND JULLIET (in open theatre) by Haris Pašović 2002. Open theatre
PLAY TILL THE END by Adis Bakrač 2002. short feat.
NORTH WENT MAD by Aida Begić 2002. short feat.
VISA FOR THE FUTURE by Sulejman Kupusović 2002/03. TV serial
FORGOTTEN PROVERB by Dubravko Bibanović 2003. TV drama
WEDNESDAY by Alma Bečirević 2003. short feat.
JUSTIFIED HOMICIDE (Italy) by Diego Febbraro 2003. feature
BIRTHDAY by Jasmila Žbanić 2004 documentary
GO WEST by Ahmed Imamović 2004 feature
WARCHILD (Germany-Slovenia) by Christian Wagner 2004 feature
GRBAVICA (Bosnia-Austria) by Jasmila Žbanić 2005 feature
SARAJEVO SPIRITS by Dejan Radonjić 2005 feature
YEAR 1000 (l’Anno Mille) (Italy) by Diego Febbraro 2005. feature
LE NEF DES FOUS (Belgium-BiH) by Matthias Lebeer 2006. short feat.
LIKE FATHER (ENG) by Gabrielle Russel 2006. short feat.
THE HUNTING PARTY (USA) by Richard Shepard 2006. Feature
SNIPER’S WALLEY (Germany) by Rudolf Schweiger 2006. Feature
NADREALITY SHOW by  Zenit Đozić 2007. TVseries
SNOW (preparations) by Aida Begić 2007. Feature
SARAJEVO WINTER (opening ceremony) by Nedžad Begović 2008. TV Live
NIGHT GUARDS (BiH) by Namik Kabil 2008. Feature
SARAYBOSNA (Turkey) by Turgut Yassar 2008. TVseries
SEE YOU IN SARAJEVO (Cro/BiH) by Vanja Sviličić 2008. Short feat.
ORANGE BLANKET  (Cro/BiH) by Matija Debeljuh 2008. Short feat.
STORM (Germany) by Hans Christian Schmit 2008. Feature
MEMORY FULL(BiH) by Jasmila Žbanić 2008. Feature
LIBERATION IN 26. PICTURES (Cro) by Marko Škobalj 2009. Short feat.
MUSEUM OF BROKEN RELATIONSHIP (Rom) by Iulia Rugina 2009. Short feat.
PINK RIVER (Greece) by Zacharias Mavroeidis 2009. Short feat.
WAITING (Hungary) by Daniel Beres 2009. Short feat.
WOMEN IN PURPLE (Cro/Canada) by Igor Drljača 2009. Short feat.
CIRCUS COLUMBIA (BiH) by Danis Tanović 2009. Feature
REVERSE (Greece) by George Grigorakis 2010. Short feat.
SMART GIRLS (Cro) by Hana Jusic & Sonja Taorkic 2010. Short feat.
FRIGIDANCE (Albania) by Kelmend Karuni 2010. Short feat.
TICKET COLLECTOR (Romania) by Calatin Musat 2010. Short feat.
MAGNET (BiH) by Namik Kabil 2010 documentary
THE LOVE OF BOOKS (UK) by Sam Hobkinson 2010. Feat/docum.
1395 WITHOUT RED (BiH) by Šejla Kamerić 2010. Feature
IN THE LAND OF BLOOD AND HONEY (USA ) by Angelina Jolie 2010. Feature
AMAZING RACE (Israel) Hosted by Ron Shahar 2011. TV show
VENUTO AL MONDO/ TWICE BORN (Italy) by Sergio Castelitto 2011. Feature
FOR THOSE WHO CAN TELL NO TALES (BiH) by Jasmila Žbanić 2012. Feat/docum.
3 Yol (Turkey) by Faysal  Soysal 2012. Feature
TURKISH TRANSIT (Russia) by Murad Aliev 2013. Feature
ALIJA IZETBEGOVIĆ by Assaad Taha/Emir Kapetanović 2014. documentary
BRANIO SAM MLADU BOSNU by Srdjan Koljević 2014. feature
FELLOW FINANCE  (FIN) by Thomas Dome Karukoski 2015. commercial
FOR EVERYTHING WE ARE – DM Austria by Max Gerlach&Jessica Benzing 2015. commercial
THE SPARK MOVIE – Microsoft Japan by Miura Kazunori 2015. commercial
HEART OF THE WIND  (FOX Turkey) by  Filiz Gulmez Pakman  2016. TV series
FINDING CAMILLE (ITA-CH) by Bindu d Stoppani 2016. Feature
BEARING WITNESS (USA) by Joseph Pierson 2017. short feature
TAKE ME SOMEWHERE NICE (NL/BH) by Ena Sendijarević 2017. feature
SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL (FR) by Guillaume de Fontenay 2018. feature
QUO VADIS AIDA? by Jasmila Žbanić 2019. feature
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